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Together We Thrive

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
― Audre Lorde


Join our sisterhood community as we explore our diverse area in the DMV. Whether it is wine tastings or something more adventurous as zip-lining, a day at the range, learning self-defense, or as simple as a picnic in the park with the sun shining on our faces we are here to build a sisterhood of like-minded women who are looking to connect and be supported.


Wondering how to get started on your self-development, look no further! Attend one of our highly interactive and informative 2-4-hour workshops that will be concentrating on situations we face as women in today’s world. Learn techniques and tools to overcome your self-limiting beliefs, reverse your negative thoughts, work smarter not harder, be a better YOU and more.


Want to delve deeper? Explore your why? Our carefully crafted seminars are a supportive way to rediscover your natural feminine energy and strength where you are surrounded by like-minded women that can guide you through ways to heal, achieve inner peace and find your authentic self. Our 1-3-day seminars are a gift of self-awareness and personal development that will carry over into your everyday life.


Looking to explore the world while exploring the depths of your soul? To be a part of a group of women that are there to help and assist you to truly finding the best version of you while relaxing in the splendor of a remote part of the world? Then you will want to be a part of our yearly retreat.