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Rae Roach

Women are strong individually, but together we are invincible!

Struggling with self-doubt and fear? Speaker and coach Rae Roach can help you uncover and embody your authentic truth and get on the path to a purpose-filled life.

Rae has had her fair share of setbacks. Following a time in her life when she was questioning her own worth, she embarked on an intense journey of self-discovery to find her true voice. Digging deep, she learned how limiting beliefs and blame were holding her back, and that through forgiveness and authenticity, she could create the life she truly wanted.  Today Rae brings those lessons and insights to anyone struggling to find their way out of self-doubt and fear to a place of meaning and joy. Through dynamic speaking, writing, healing sessions, retreats, and workshops, Rae’s mission is to help others find their voice and purpose with more ease and support than she had, and to provide tools that will help them navigate whatever life brings their way.  Her depth of personal and professional experience, combined with extensive training as a speaker and certifications as a life coach and practitioner of a wide-range of healing modalities, all lend a holistic and balanced understanding to her talks and consultations.

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