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Upcoming Events

October 20, 2019, 9:00am-2:00pm @ Mercedes Benz of Arlington

The BreakThrough Summit

For tickets:

This transformative half-day marks the beginning of Purple Runway’s expansion into creating support and workshops around mental and emotional health.

This summit will feature three powerful, engaging sessions, each showcasing a main speaker and thoughtfully curated panel of changemakers and conquerors along with a special interactive segment at the midpoint of the summit.

2019 is the year to shatter limiting beliefs, mindset blocks, doubts, victim mentality, and excuses – it’s time to BREAKTHROUGH!

What will you Break Through in 2019?

Schedule of Events:

9:00 — Registration / Meet and Greet

9:45 — Opening Remarks — Maimah Karmo

10:00 Break Away from Trauma — We all experience trauma on some level. Domestic and intimate partner violence, death of a loved one, fighting through cancer, dealing with a life-changing injury, and then there are micro-traumas, which oftentimes remain unaddressed.

11:00 Breaking Out of Your Shell — Sexuality is a deeply personal and nuanced topic. Beyond the way the pressures of society can influence us, many people suffer trauma that affects and blocks their feelings, expressions, and energy around sexuality.

11:30 Break Loose from Self-Doubt — Everyone has a story we tell ourselves and, at its core, a question we spend our time, energy, and resources trying to answer. It may sound different or manifest in a different way than your friends or family, but still that question lingers – Am I worthy?

12:30 Movement

1:00 Break Down Fear — It’s time to understand the nature of fear. Fear has evolved within us to keep us safe, but it seems we’ve created this negative space around it. So, when we feel that little pull of hesitancy how do we know if the fear is trying to keep us safe or keep us small?

2:00 Closing Remarks — Gigi McMillian